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Sales: to do or not to do?

I must admit, I do like sales. It gives me the possibility to buy qualitative pieces I can not necessarily afford otherwise. But what does it mean?

Does is say ‘these pieces are not fashionable anymore’? These products are ‘over’?
I try to create pieces that are timeless, inspired by art and woman. They are not the result of fast-moving trends, nor are they arbitrary. I do not follow the classic seasons of fashion and mix different collections to keep offering variety. With much love and attention, I make every piece myself. That is why the life of a ‘Ophelia lingerie’-piece should be longer than a few months.
What does it say about the price?
Even though my prices are higher than average, my margins are a lot lower than bigger brands. I buy nice materials, I spend a lot of time finishing every item to perfection and give every customer the time she deserves. A lot of my hours are unpaid, but I consider it the price to pay for doing what I love. But lowering my prices 50% would mean my time is worth nothing.
So if you value my work as much as I do your body, you understand why I don’t do sales.