Why lingerie?

I love lingerie; the fabrics, the technical aspect, but most of all I love what it can do with a woman’s body.  It is such a unique thing, to create these small wonders. In a world full of noise, lingerie has the ability to whisper. This subtle force is what inspired me to start Ophelia lingerie.

 I felt the need to create fragile pieces that will blend perfectly with your skin. I say this sincerely ‘your skin’, since it is you who I design for. Thinking of you, I am always looking for new lines to compliment your body without overpowering it. This is a constant search for innovation. It is there when I go to sleep and when I get up, it is in my sketchbook next to my bed, on the back of a napkin in a bar, ...

In the end, I hope you can find freedom in wearing my pieces.
Lingerie is merely a surplus, don’t let it be a cover-up.


By creating a brand, I chose to do more than just create pieces. I make lingerie for you to wear. To do so, I need more than these perfectly finished, handcrafted beauties. To connect with you and build a strong relationship with my customers is just as important.

Thinking of the ideal environment to experience the lingerie, I came up with ‘Ophelia meets. These events take place in different apartments. The homely atmosphere welcomes you to discover the pieces in the most relaxed way.

Would you like me to organize an evening at your place? With ‘Ophelia at home’ I can come to you and your friends for a night full of lingerie.


I am Ophelia, a 25 year old designer from Antwerp.  I gave my name and my life to this brand.
Ever since I was young I was mesmerized by the world of fashion and female sexuality.
It was during my art studies at the Royal Academy of fine arts in Ghent that I found the perfect way to blend these interests. I took extra schooling in lingerie design and even worked in Paris to broaden my knowledge. This background in art and lingerie became the base of Ophelia lingerie.