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How to take care of your lingerie

Even though you can definitly machinewash your intimates,
we are such a fan of handwashing them with SOAK.
Let's show you step by step how this is done.
STEP 1 : fill a bowl or sink with lukewarm water
STEP 2 : add a tablespoon of SOAK
STEP 3 : add your lingerie to the SOAK water
STEP 4 : let it soak for 15 minutes
extra tip : separate your dark and light underwear
STEP 5 : take your lingerie out of the water. The solution is rinse-free, but but we recommend rinsing quickly to remove any dirt that is left. Afterwards, gently squeeze.
STEP 6 : let it dry flat
extra tip : don't let your lingerie sit too long in the laundry basket. We suggest you wash your bras after wearing them twice, without waiting too long.