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Sales: to do or not to do?

I must admit, I do like sales. It gives me the possibility to buy qualitative pieces I can not necessarily afford otherwise. But what does it mean?
Does is say ‘these pieces are not fashionable anymore’? These products are ‘over’?
I try to create pieces that are timeless, inspired by art and woman. They are not the result of fast-moving trends, nor are they arbitrary. I do not follow the classic seasons of fashion and mix different collections to keep offering variety. With much love and attention, I make every piece myself. That is why the life of a ‘Ophelia lingerie’-piece should be longer than a few months.
What does it say about the price?
Even though my prices are higher than average, my margins are a lot lower than bigger brands. I buy nice materials, I spend a lot of time finishing every item to perfection and give every customer the time she deserves. A lot of my hours are unpaid, but I consider it the price to pay for doing what I love. But lowering my prices 50% would mean my time is worth nothing.
So if you value my work as much as I do your body, you understand why I don’t do sales.  


Last week I went to Paris, to visit friends, to buy silk, to find inspiration.
2 years ago Paris confirmed my love for lingerie.
A city as strong and vulnerable as the woman I design for.

The Power of a Boob

A woman’s breast seems to contain some magic.
You can hardly visit a museum without seeing some of these painted or sculpted wonders. In every time and age, artists have been inspired by this womanly feature.
There is often talk about men being obsessed with and woman being reduced to them. But let’s not forget their beauty. Breasts exist in all forms and sizes and they are not only attractive for men.
I personally find breasts entrancing and have dedicated my work on making them as comfortable and lovely as possible. Their uniqueness influences my aesthetics constantly, resulting in lingerie as a surplus, not a cover-up.