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Who made your lingerie?


In the spirit of Fashion Revolution I would like to answer the questions
‘Who made your lingerie ?’
After more than two years of sewing each piece myself, I have finally found an atelier who can make my collection with the same amount of care as I do myself. To make the transition easier (letting go is hard), I have started by working together with the seemstresses to co-create every piece.
Since the atelier is in Belgium (check!) en is very small (only three people work there), it was easy to be present each day of production and assist in every step. Like every new relationship, it takes a lot of energy in the beginning, but in the end it was worth it. For the first time since starting my brand I will have stock that can last longer than a week!
What does it mean to produce in Belgium? The prices are high, the options are limited, but the quality is exceptional. I enjoyed working together with them, being able to learn, but also to show them my own methods.
 So I can only say, thank you Carine & Crystelle for being my helping hands!

In the name of [SELFLOVE]

Every woman seems to limit herself with self-doubt and it is all too easy to forget to compliment yourself. This realization started our online selflove campaign. With words and images we have tried to remind you how special you all are.
But, of course, there is no beginning without an end.. We wanted to end our self-love campaign in a personal manner and decided to host an inspiring event by and for women. An invitation to treat yourself with positive vibes. It resulted in an intimate night where we invited speakers and guests to join the conversation.
For all those who couldn’t be there, here are some of the inspiring thoughts we would like to share with you.
Some tools to be kinder to ourselves.
Lilies Antwerp "Practice selfcare out of selflove"
Nouha Rannoun "Let me be me"

Matti Verbeeck "Elk lijf is een schoon lijf"
Crystal Die "Do not cover yourself"
Because practice makes perfect, our guests took polaroids in their favorite Ophelia lingerie. We love how stunning they all look!

A love letter

Women have always defined my life. Growing up with a mother/entrepreneur and 3 sisters,
I have always been convinced that women are strong and beautiful. 

It is no surprise that I have dedicated my life work to celebrating womanly features!
I feel honered to be surrounded by you every day. Inspired by every unique feature, I aim to create lingerie as a compliment for your body, to make you reconnect with your own beauty. 
Seeing you looking at yourself in the mirror in Ophelia lingerie is the highlight of my day.
Hearing you compliment yourself makes it even better!
Making lingerie is only a small contribution, but I hope it makes a difference.
Empowering by daring to be vulnerable,” is my mission.
Let’s all be a little kinder to ourselves, we have a world to build.