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A love letter

Women have always defined my life. Growing up with a mother/entrepreneur and 3 sisters,
I have always been convinced that women are strong and beautiful. 

It is no surprise that I have dedicated my life work to celebrating womanly features!
I feel honered to be surrounded by you every day. Inspired by every unique feature, I aim to create lingerie as a compliment for your body, to make you reconnect with your own beauty. 
Seeing you looking at yourself in the mirror in Ophelia lingerie is the highlight of my day.
Hearing you compliment yourself makes it even better!
Making lingerie is only a small contribution, but I hope it makes a difference.
Empowering by daring to be vulnerable,” is my mission.
Let’s all be a little kinder to ourselves, we have a world to build.

Ophelia lingerie meets La petite Curieuse

‘Sophisticated beauty with an eye for details’ could describe both my collection as La petite Curieuse’s. But this connection goes further than merely our aesthetic preferences.
Our believe in craftsmanship, quality and unique designs is what binds us together. Creating pieces, while always thinking about the person who will wear them.
For these reasons and more, we could not be happier to share a popup for 2 months.
Our little boutique has become a place to escape the ordinary and threat yourself.
Curious enough to pay us a visit?
Open untill 1 July 2017, Thursday till Saturday 10h-18h.
Statiestraat 122, Berchem

Check my Reality

What is it like to be a young entrepreneur in fashion? Have you ever wondered?
It is constantly standing on one leg, ready to jump on the other.
It is saying no to a lot of social encounters, but being able to say yes to a bunch of opportunities.
It is meeting loads of interesting people and actually being able to collaborate with them.
It is needing thick skin, while you poor your heart and soul into every design.
It means having two jobs, just to have some securities.
It is feeling like you are in a constant loop without a pause button is sight.
It is having energy to continue, even when you are tired.
It is hoping that what you do matters.
At least, for me it is.